Founded in 1987 on the principle that ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR DESIGN are intrinsically connected, SOA approaches design as an integrated process that aligns our client’s functional requirements with their desired image.

Our projects vary greatly not only in size and scope, but also type of construction (new construction, additions, renovations and adaptive reuse) and client type (educational, institutional, corporate, health care and civic). Together, we create places that enhance how mid-Missouri communities live, learn, work, heal and play.

As stewards of the environment, SOA promotes Sustainable Design and operations that protect our environment while simultaneously improving our client’s bottom line. Sustainable design doesn’t have to cost extra or result in a plaque on the wall to be effective. SOA’s LEED professionals educate clients on sustainable options, align sustainability measures with clients’ values, compare initial investments with life cycle costs, and allow them to decide how ‘green’ to go.

In 2008, SOA was the first mid-Missouri architectural firm to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) (see Wikipedia definition) through the use of Revit software. We construct the physical and functional aspects of the building virtually as it is being designed, incorporating engineering systems within the model, consequently minimizing the unknowns and reducing costly changes during construction. The ability to see the design develop in 3D allows our clients to realistically visualize options we present and to be confident in their decisions that guide the design.

Assembling the Team

Although SOA’s professional staff provides architectural and interior design expertise, most projects also require the addition of engineering consultants to incorporate civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Each client has different program requirements and budgets that guide the selection of our consultant team. SOA has strong relationships with a broad range of engineers enabling us to choose the most appropriate matches for a given project type, budget and schedule.

Occasionally, a high level of expertise in a specific field, such as education, health care, lab planning, or sports and recreation, is essential to meet the programmatic requirements of a project. In these situations, SOA partners with industry leaders to fulfill the project requirements and offer our client the best of both worlds; local attention and responsiveness coupled with unique expertise.

Additionally, firms that offer high level expertise for projects in and around Columbia benefit from including SOA as a local team member to navigate specific municipality requirements, offer design solutions that fit the community’s culture and context, and assist with construction phase services.