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Meet the faces — and skill sets — that define the SOA team.

Talent and an overarching passion for design characterize each member of the Simon Oswald team. As we have grown, we have intentionally built a team of well-rounded individuals who offer our clients a high level of expertise throughout the design and construction of their project. Collaboration is the key to our process, and each team member brings a unique set of skills to each project.

Bill Oswald, Architect/Principal

Since 1990, Bill has set a standard for excellence in project design, constructibility and management. Bill touches nearly every area of the firm’s business, contributing both experience and mentorship with each project.



Jen Hedrick, Architect/Principal

Jen’s interest in staff development and community relations have helped SOA build a reputation as a leader in the Mid-Missouri design community. She also is the driving force behind the firm’s community initiatives.



Brad Stegemann, Architect/Associate Principal

An attention to detail and a keen eye have made Brad an exceptional project manager at SOA. His skills have made him a key leader amongst the team, especially on complicated projects.



Nick Borgmeyer, Architect/Associate Principal

Nick has led all of the technological developments at SOA since his arrival. His ability to problem solve has made him indispensable across the full scope of the firm’s projects.



Robbie Price, Architect/Associate

Inspired by finding the unique in every design, Robbie seeks to integrate lighting and materials in a holistic approach to SOA’s projects.



Jody Miller, Architect

Jody’s talent shines during the early phases of project planning, programming and design. She is a key player in the production of construction documents but also works to coordinate with our consulting partners on any given project.



Adrienne Stolwyk, Architect

A passion for sustainable design drives Adrienne both in her professional and personal life. Additionally, her talent for sketching and color rendering is an invaluable part of the SOA design process.



Julie Whitsitt, Architect

Julie began her career in interior design, with a specific interest in commercial design. Her knowledge of interior finishes has become integral to the success of our final designs.



Keegan Thompson, Intern Architect

Keegan’s experience working for a design-build company in Chicago has given him insight into both sides of architecture: design and construction. Keegan’s experience has made him integral in the construction detailing and documentation process.



Collin Tucker, Intern Architect

New to SOA, Collin is skilled in architectural design software programs and is excited to work with the team to continue expanding 3D rendering and visualization capabilities.



Terri Trickel, Business Manager

Terri is the glue that holds SOA together. Her passion for procedure keeps the firm operating at peak efficiency.



Katy Foster, Administrative Assistant

In addition to supporting the team, Katy is responsible for SOA’s marketing content, including the website updates.

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