“You never know when one kind act, or one word or encouragement, can change a life forever.”  Zig Ziglar

What should one do when a firm is turning 30?  After some contemplation, we decided to celebrate all year long with #SOA30ActsOfKindness.  SOA has been a United Way pacesetter for several years, so we started with the list of United Way agencies and sprinkled in some others that are near and dear to our hearts. We came up with a plan to do 30 Acts Of Kindness through the year (and have already completed 9 of the 30!).  We tailor the Act to the receiving party and are primarily focusing on the children and families of mid-Missouri that could use a little bit of positive energy, and those organizations that lend helping hands day-in and day-out in our community. We are honored to do this for our community as a small token of our appreciation for 30 years in business.  Keep an eye towards our social media accounts to see what our next acts of kindness will be, and details on our official birthday party later in the year!

Here are just a few of our Acts of Kindness so far:

Act #2 – Dazzle your Duffle. This beautiful bag, decorated by our very own mini SOAtions, was filled with lots of arts and crafts fun for Pascale’s Pals.

Act #4 – Presented a check to Special Olympics Missouri!

Act #7 – In honor of National Pizza Day we hand delivered Pizza to all of the students and faculty at Douglass High School.

Act #10 – Not only did we get to celebrate Read Across America Day, we got to read and donate some great books to the little ones at Mary Lee Johnston Preschool.

Stay Tuned!! There are many more wonderful and fun Acts of Kindness to come.








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