Design and Construction: An Excercise in Patience

Occasionally, a new client will come to us looking for a building to be designed and constructed in a matter of months.  This might be reasonable on a small interior renovation, but for many projects, it’s practically impossible.  The design and construction process is anything but instantaneous.  The question is: how long will YOUR specific project take?

SOA’s E-Booklet on Establishing a Project Timeline is a good place to start estimating how much time (and patience!) you’ll need. The booklet starts out with a description of complicating factors; if your project includes one of these conditions, it’s very likely to affect your timeline.

The second part of the booklet is a timeline calculator, basically a chart listing typical ranges for project phases.  You can use this as a basis for guesstimating your overall project length.  It’s not meant to be precise, just a way for you to get a sense of all the steps that might apply to your project.

But if your project is short on time, there are methods for speeding the process along, such as pre-selecting a contractor or using a “Fast Track” delivery method.  The last portion of the e-booklet reviews the pros and cons for various methods of condensing a project timeline.

Being aware of your potential project timeline in advance can help you from losing your patience before your project even begins!


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Developing a Realistic Project Budget

Developing a Realistic Project Budget

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