And on the 2nd Day, God ran into Zoning Issues

Ahh zoning regulations – just one of the many factors that can get in the way of your plans for a new building.

Master Planning for Maximum Benefit

The beginning of a project is a critical time. As our architectural services timeline shows, initial decisions are the most costly to un-do.  While a building’s carpet, windows or mechanical system can be replaced, changing the building’s roof design to install solar panels is not really practical. So, when a client like the Friends of the Farm approached

Sustainable Design | Simon Oswald Architecture

Picking the Right Pavement

The design for the North Quad at Columbia College presented a unique challenge: How to improve fire lane access without an excessive amount of concrete? After working with the City and the Fire Department, it was determined that ‘Cougar Drive’ should extend further into the heart of campus, and also include a T-shaped turn around

Sustainable Design | Simon Oswald Architecture

Think you’ve found the perfect property? A few things to consider before closing the deal

Mark Twain, our fellow Missourian once said “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” As, homeowners, business owners, corporations, or school districts contemplating purchasing property for a new facility, there are numerous considerations as one evaluates a piece of property.

Site Design at SOA’s New Building

In order to comply with the City of Columbia’s stormwater ordinance, which requires developers to address both water quality and water quantity, our new building’s site design features a combined bio-retention & detention basin to collect rainwater runoff from the parking lot and other parts of the site.

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Programming: Making a Building Wish List

Programming: Making a Building Wish List

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