How will your business fare when distaster strikes?

After a year with devastating hurricanes and wildfires on the coasts, I am reminded of severe weather threats in the Midwest: tornados, flood water, or damage from high winds.

Selecting Building Systems

Sometimes clients hire an architect knowing exactly what they want in a building, but that is rarely the case. We believe most clients come to an architect so they can be informed of the options that exist for a particular decision, along with the costs and benefits of those choices. When it comes to long-term energy expenses,

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Can an Office Environment Really Affect Productivity?

The answer to this is YES!! If you are in the process of designing a new office building, or renovation a current one, your first thought may be space efficiency: how may employees can fit into this new space? But workplace productivity is dependent on so much more.

What’s in the details? Part II

The sketch indicated above/below is a continuation of my previous post. The sketch shows how to detail the window head and sill in a masonry veneer, steel stud back up exterior wall. It is important to maintain water tight exterior skin and continue the weather barrier into the opening. 

Worried about Security? SOA’s Business Manager shares Safety Considerations for all Facilities

Building Security includes much more than the physical attributes and is something different for every company and for every type of facility. While BUILDING DESIGN plays a large role in the security of a facility, EMPLOYEE PROTOCOL plays another significant roll as well.

Interested in Capturing Rainwater? Here’s a few things to consider

On October 17th I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the Sustainable Living Fair on “Saving Water in your Home or Workplace.” My co-presenter, David Mars, Energy Specialist with Columbia Water & Light, and I shared ways that companies and homeowners can save water.

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Programming: Making a Building Wish List

Programming: Making a Building Wish List

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