A Recipe for Success

  Have you ever read a recipe that left you with more questions than answers?  Grandma’s goose recipe above leaves out a few details: is that a can or cans of “Cream of Mushroom” soup?  What do we do with the apples and how many? Do we fry the goose in vegetable oil, lard, butter? 

Assembling a Dream Team for your New Building

Deciding WHO is on a building committee and HOW decisions are made is critical to organizing an effective group.

Architecture 101 for Not Profit Organizations

Do you know a Non-Profit Organization dreaming of a new building? SOA has some tips to help non-profits as they start a project!

6 Reasons Your Architects’ Drawings Aren’t Perfect

One of the most frustrating realizations most first-time clients experience is that architects’ designs and drawings aren’t perfect.  Should they be? 

A Culture of Excellence

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph yours with excellence.”  Author Unknown

SOA Video Spotlight: Robbie Price

Meet Robbie Price, Columbia Native, architect and Associate at SOA. Hear what he thinks makes SOA unique and what is the most important consideration when hiring an architect.

Tools of the Trade II

This blog is a continuation of a discussion about an architect’s “tools of the trade,” specifically our communication tools between different parties in the design and construction field. 

The 3Ds of the Design Process

There are infinite methods to approach the design process.  Regardless of the design tools or technology used,  how architects work can be lumped into 3 basic steps:

We Built This City on Rock & Roll

John Lennon alone couldn’t have made the Beatles’ hits. It took more than Jimmy Page to write Led Zeppelin’s songs, and it takes more than an architect to design a great building.

How Choosing a Contractor is like Choosing Chicken….

The other day, my wife trusted me with the task of getting some chicken for dinner. I arrived home thinking I had selected well only to learn that the cheapest is not always the best.

What do contractors want from an architect? SOA asks River City Construction

One can often hear me say that a designer’s ideas are only as good as their ability to communicate them. This concept becomes most tangible during the construction phase of a project.

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Establishing a Project Timeline

Establishing a Project Timeline

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