Selecting Building Systems

Sometimes clients hire an architect knowing exactly what they want in a building, but that is rarely the case. We believe most clients come to an architect so they can be informed of the options that exist for a particular decision, along with the costs and benefits of those choices. When it comes to long-term energy expenses,

Sustainable Design | Simon Oswald Architecture

What’s it like finding out your building is Energy Star 98?

Well, kind of like finding out you have great blood pressure. Or low cholesterol. It’s basically a confirmation of overall great “building health.”

SOA and LED Technology

Over 91% of the lights in SOA’s new building are LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixtures. LED technology has many advantages over compact fluorescent lighting in terms of efficiency, lamp life and disposal.

Proud Winner of Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Award!

On April 20th, SOA’s new building was announced to be a winner in the “Innovative Best Practices” category for Columbia’s first annual Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Award!

Building Envelope Commissioning: Plan & Test Now, Save Time & Money Later

Some of us SOA-tians went to a Lunch & Learn a couple weeks ago about Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) that was pretty interesting.

No Lumps – Not in My Oatmeal Nor My Insulation

It’s snowing outside, the wind is howling and there you sit in your cozy, warm home smiling with self satisfaction. Why?….

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Finding the Right Building Site

Finding the Right Building Site

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