Stairway to Heaven

There is always music playing at SOA. Some are into jazz, country, even a little classical, but the rock genre is most typical and often serves as design inspiration. Sometimes those tunes give us pause to ponder, “What are the architectural implications of those lyrics?” To that end, for the next few months, we’ll be

Business people talking on a spiral staircase

Design: The Silent Ambassador of Your Brand

Branding is so much more than a cool logo, funky color, or flashy website.  Branding is about experience.  The physical space of a business or institution definitely affects the experience of its users. The following SOA projects show spaces as unique to the companies they contain. SOA’S OFFICE SOA’s office entry contains the logo, company

How will your business fare when distaster strikes?

After a year with devastating hurricanes and wildfires on the coasts, I am reminded of severe weather threats in the Midwest: tornados, flood water, or damage from high winds.

Architecture 101 for Not Profit Organizations

Do you know a Non-Profit Organization dreaming of a new building? SOA has some tips to help non-profits as they start a project!

SOA Video Spotlight: Robbie Price

Meet Robbie Price, Columbia Native, architect and Associate at SOA. Hear what he thinks makes SOA unique and what is the most important consideration when hiring an architect.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Donors

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an architectural rendering (or fly-through video, or schematic floor plan, etc) may be worth a thousand words.

Designing with Branding in Mind

One of my favorite semesters in college was our corporate design studio where we were to develop a company and it’s brand and then execute it through their office environment.

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Developing a Realistic Project Budget

Developing a Realistic Project Budget

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