Stairway to Heaven

There is always music playing at SOA. Some are into jazz, country, even a little classical, but the rock genre is most typical and often serves as design inspiration. Sometimes those tunes give us pause to ponder, “What are the architectural implications of those lyrics?” To that end, for the next few months, we’ll be

Business people talking on a spiral staircase

Another Brick in the Wall

An even balance of structure and creativity is integral in architectural design. Contrary to Pink Floyd’s sentiment that “It’s just another brick in the wall,” when it comes to commercial architecture, every single brick matters. A commercial building, whether configured for an office, retail, educational or healthcare use, is a public space, making the structural

Construction workers at sunset working on large commercial building project

Why Should You Use an Architect During the Construction Process?

An architect’s work does not end once construction plans have been approved. Architects are an invaluable resource during the construction phase as they already have a deep knowledge and understanding of the project. They can add value by acting as the Owner’s “eyes and ears.” This allows the Owner to focus on their business instead

Construction workers survey the incomplete floor of a multiple story building

Burning Down the House

When designing a project — any building or space — architects are tasked with the responsibility and purpose to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. It is inherent in every decision we, and our team of consultants, make. From the materials used to the physical comfort of the interior environment to the

Get to know our intern architect Keegan Thompson

Get to know our intern architect Keegan Thompson! Keegan has been with us since 2016, and we weren’t surprised when he was named Emerging Professional of the Year this year by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. What does this recognition mean to you? It means that what I am doing to help my community is

Get to Know Our Intern Architect Collin Tucker

Get to know our intern architect Collin Tucker! He has been a part of the SOA team since graduating in May. On November 1, he won an award from The Society of American Registered Architects for his thesis project. Spoiler alert, it has a cool origin story. Tell us a little bit about your award-winning

Welcome to SOA

Meet the faces — and skill sets — that define the SOA team. Talent and an overarching passion for design characterize each member of the Simon Oswald team. As we have grown, we have intentionally built a team of well-rounded individuals who offer our clients a high level of expertise throughout the design and construction

AFP Small Business of the Year 2019

SOA is proud to have been selected as Columbia’s National Philanthropy Day SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR for 2019!

Architects Modeling for Contractors

Contractors: Are you wondering who to hire for BIM or VDC? You might want to consider hiring an architect.

Design: The Silent Ambassador of Your Brand

Branding is so much more than a cool logo, funky color, or flashy website.  Branding is about experience.  The physical space of a business or institution definitely affects the experience of its users. The following SOA projects show spaces as unique to the companies they contain. SOA’S OFFICE SOA’s office entry contains the logo, company

RSVP for SOA’s Upcoming FREE Lunch and Learn

SOA is hosting “Architecture 101 for Non Profits,” a FREE Lunch and Learn presentation on Thursday, 8/22/19 from 11:30 – 1:00 at SOA’s office (2801 Woodard Drive, Columbia).  The presentation will include information on: Fundraising & Budgeting Project Timeline Picking a Site The Design Process Assembling a Building Committee Planning & Financing Green Features If you are

A Recipe for Success

Have you ever read a recipe that left you with more questions than answers?  Grandma’s goose recipe above leaves out a few details: is that a can or cans of “Cream of Mushroom” soup?  What do we do with the apples and how many? Do we fry the goose in vegetable oil, lard, butter?  For

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Developing a Realistic Project Budget

Developing a Realistic Project Budget

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