And on the 2nd Day, God ran into Zoning Issues

Ahh zoning regulations – just one of the many factors that can get in the way of your plans for a new building.  Unfortunately, there may be other not-so-obvious problems in a piece of property, like:

  • subsoil that isn’t suitable for building and must be removed
  • significant reduction in buildable area once setbacks, easements, stormwater, and parking requirements are accounted for
  • an existing building that can’t be renovated without adding a costly elevator and sprinkler system

So, how can you feel confident that a property or existing building will work for your needs within your budget?  RESEARCH. While no amount of research can give you psychic powers, thorough investigation can help mitigate the risk of buying a property that is difficult, or maybe impossible, to develop the way you envision it.

A great place to start researching is with SOA’s free e-booklet: Finding the Right Building Site.  This booklet gives a quick overview of things to look out for when buying land or an existing building.  Sometimes hiring a professional, like an architect, civil engineer, or land surveyor, may be a wise investment before you write an even bigger check to purchase property.

Armed with more information, you may be able to avoid a money-pit, or negotiate a more favorable sale price with a seller, or get a head start on a requesting a zoning variance.  As the cartoon shows, God knows, simple projects aren’t always that simple!

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Establishing a Project Timeline

Establishing a Project Timeline

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