4 Ways Renderings are Beneficial

A “rendering” is architecture-speak for an illustration (usually three-dimensional) of a design project. Renderings are a very useful tool in the Architect’s toolbelt. They help us to effectively communicate designs to our clients, and they can help clients communicate their goals to other audiences. Renderings can be created and used for many different reasons, the following are just a few examples.

SOA rendering for MU Welcome Center Design Study

    Architectural, two-dimensional drawings are great for getting a basic understanding of a project but can be difficult for the lay person to get a complete understanding of how a building will look when finished. A rendering allows a client to see how the decisions made with the architect will look in three dimensions. Or, it can help a client make refined finish decisions, so they can visualize how a certain paint color or carpet might affect the experience of a space.

    SOA rendering for Clary Shy Agriculture Park

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true during fundraising.  A rendering helps communicate a project to potential donors in ways that words alone cannot accomplish.  Often renderings are produced during schematic design, before all of the details of a project have been worked out.  Some renderings intentionally use a hand drawn, loose style to insinuate the preliminary nature of the image.  Other renderings use a photorealistic approach, which might be more convincing for some donation audiences or projects.

    SOA rendering Cherry Hill Dental Office Building

    A rendering can help to create buzz for your project and can be used in a myriad of ways: banners, ads, and social media. A building owner can let their current clients or potential new clients see how a building project will help further serve their needs. Renderings are also a great to use for temporary signage on a construction site; they can communicate what a client will be getting for their patience during construction.

    SOA rendering for MU Hearnes Locker Room Renovation

    A rendering can be used to communicate a project’s design to the end user. “Buy in” from users, whether employees, customers, or members of the general public, is frequently an important component of a successful project. Renderings can be shown to users during the design process to solicit their feedback, or at the end of the design process to educate users on how a new space will look or function.

Whether hand-drawn or computer generated, still image or animated video, SOA works with clients to render the images needed for their unique building projects!

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